Jayne Hodgson is a professional artist based in Brisbane, Australia. Her works are bold, fluid and highly textural. She favors large scale, mixed media or oil paintings of coastal scenes or iconic suburban or rural scenes with people going about their daily lives.  Bold floral paintings of saturated colour are also a favourite subject. While her scenes are generally quite impressionistic in style, they are instantly recognizable. The deep perspective of the streetscapes gives the paintings a three dimensional quality and invites the observer to engage with or ‘walk into’ the painting.

“The exhibition is a symphony of colour…these paintings could fill any room with energy…a stimulating exhibition.”

Oman Observer  

“Her vigorously colourful landscapes and cityscapes are populated by loose, lissome figures.”

Oman Weekly

“We have commissioned several paintings in pastels and oils from Jayne. We like them very much and would recommend her highly.”

Eamon Gorman – Group CEO, MB Petroleum Services

'Blue Hydrangea' - Mixed Media

'Autumn Flowers' - Mixed Media

'Stroll' - Mixed Media