Jayne has developed a unique style, employing individual techniques honed through years of experimentation and professional practice since her first international solo exhibition in 2006. Paint is applied in rather unconventional ways, using ‘improvised’ tools to make pleasing and unique marks on canvas. Depth is achieved through multiple layers and washes as colour mixing and glazing occur on the canvas rather than on the palette.

'Sunflowers'  –  Mixed Media

'Hot Day in Bahla'  –  Mixed Media

'Blue Magnolias'  –  Mixed media

'Brisbane Flame Tree'  –  Mixed Media

'Gerberas'  –  Mixed Media

'Hibiscus'  –  Mixed Media

'Fassifern Dry Spell'  –  Mixed Media

'Abundance'  –  Mixed Media

'Paddington Frangipani'  –  Mixed Media